Is it necessary to grab top MBA colleges to succeed in life?

If a degree from a top B-school in India could have been a sole measurer of a successful career, then there wouldn’t have been any unsuccessful people around. There is no substitute for hard work, commitment, and dedication and whether you graduate from a Best B-school in India or not, if you have remained focus on your dream, success will come running to you. Most of us will identify ourselves with the character of Aamir Khan in 3 Idiots. There was a famous dialogue in the movie which stole our hearts and it too meant that do not run behind success, do what you want to and success will come running to you. There have been many classic examples of superb failures in life who despite having graduated from the best B-school in India across the globe failed to make their mark in the business world because they didn’t have the business acumen. Tag from a top B-school in India will add oodles of weight to your resume and land you with a heavy paycheck in your first job. But what happens after that is all determined by how you work and how you understand business.

How far does an MBA from top college help?

Getting admission to the best B-school in India is every MBA aspirant’s dream and lucky are those who are able to live it. MBA is all about developing and polishing your skills as a manager and opening avenues for your entry into the business world. MBA from a top college helps you in many ways and some of these are listed below:

  • Excellent opportunities: If you expect that companies like Mc Kinsey or Google will come to every top B-school in India for placements then you are in for a toss. The big brands hire from the top B-school in India because of the reputation they have earned over the years and the quality of the students they enroll based on merit. Once you have got associated with a big brand in the initial years of your career, then this can go a long way in shaping your future.
  • Enticing CTC: There is a marked difference between the average CTC from a top B-school in India and any random B-School.
  • Competitive environment: The environment where you study and who you study with ultimately makes a marked difference in your overall personality. Spending time with the best brains across the country and in an environment where discipline and handwork are the only driving forces are best achieved at the best B-schools.
  • Better networking: The kind of exposure you will get in the top B-school in India will help in building a strong business network that can help you in the years to come.

Is an MBA from a top B school the only solution for success?

Having cited some advantages of graduating from a top B-school in India, it would be grossly unfair to undermine the potential that the other institutes across the country hold. Well, there is no shortcut to success and if you think an MBA degree from a fancy college is all that is required for a successful career then you are highly mistaken. Did Bill Gates go to any best B-school to learn the managerial skills or did Sachin Tendulkar spend hours reading the books instead of practicing on the field? There is no single definition of what success is and how can it be achieved. Doing an MBA from an average institute can take you places and on the other hand even getting a degree from one of the most sought-after colleges can land you nowhere. It all narrows down on your hard work, perseverance, commitment, knowledge, and strength. Even if the initial paycheck has fewer zeros on the right but ensures you a sustainable and long-term career what is wrong in sticking to it and working towards the larger picture? Students who come from not very best B-schools understand how tough it has been for them to get at a particular position and thus they don’t just let it go off easily. When life throws lemons at you, the art of making lemonade always helps and that is the secret behind being successful. Cribbing over the fact that you haven’t got into the best B-school in India is of no use, but working hard and capitalizing on the circumstances you are in right now can help and this will frame a path on which you should tread on. 

Success doesn’t come along with the brand or the legacy you carry. It comes with your dedication and commitment. The more focused you are in achieving your goals, the better will be your growth irrespective of whether you have an MBA degree from a top-notch college or not. Have faith in yourself, remain focused in your life and you will be able to rub your hands over the word SUCCESS!

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