Staff Selection Commission – Age Limit and Age Limitations

The staff selection examination is conducted at different levels of education and the examination has different age limits and eligibility criteria in different states of India. The eligibility criterion includes educational qualification, work experience, and occupational training certificate.

All candidates eligible for the examinations are required to appear and take the test at the prescribed times. The examination is administered by the Department of Education and is conducted by the Department of Posts. There are certain age limits for candidates under different categories and some categories of candidates are also eligible to take the examination irrespective of their level of education. If you are eligible to take the examination then you must complete the relevant application form and provide all necessary documents and particulars in the prescribed manner.

It is also mandatory for all candidates to submit the prescribed results from the examination along with their application forms. You can also register in the online mode to take the examination and also to get all the latest updates about your examination results. The online mode has become very popular among the students as it provides a lot of benefits and convenience.

The eligibility criterion and age limit of taking the staff selection exam depends on the educational qualification, occupational training, and work experience of a candidate. If a candidate takes the examination after reaching the minimum age requirement then he is eligible to take the examination under the category of a school student.

If you are eligible under the category of school student then you must submit the proof of graduation and the graduation certificate to the education department and wait for the exam results. If you are eligible under the category of registered nurse then you have to appear for the examination after reaching the age of 50 and then the exam results will be announced. In the case of a postgraduate student then the exam results will be announced after reaching the age of 75.

As per the eligibility criterion for the postgraduate students, the examination is conducted after reaching the age of 60. However, postgraduate students, are eligible only if they hold degrees in any subject and then submit the documents with supporting documents. for their admission.

The eligibility criteria for the candidates holding degrees in any subject vary from state to state. and hence it is essential for you to visit the respective department to find out what the eligibility criteria are and follow that accordingly. It is not necessary for you to submit the examination results from the postgraduate exam to get a job as an instructor. There is a separate staff selection examination for that purpose.

There is a compulsory examination for the postgraduate students and the examination is conducted at the same time as the postgraduate examination. The postgraduate examination is conducted at the age limit of 70 years and the postgraduate examination is conducted after reaching the age limit of 75 years. After this age limit, the examination conducted by the postgraduate staff selection commission is conducted separately. This is the reason why there is a separate examination conducted.

The postgraduate examination is conducted under the category of the general examinations. It is required for all the candidates. In this category, the exam is conducted under the guidance of the university and the candidates have to pass the exam within the stipulated period. To pass this examination the candidates have to meet the pre-determined academic standards set by the university.

It is mandatory for the candidates to sit the postgraduate exams for the postgraduate staff selection exam and submit the exam results. along with their documents. The exam results are required before the university decides whether the candidate has passed the examination or not.

Examinees who have failed the examination are disqualified. If a candidate fails to submit the exam results, then he is eliminated and has to wait for the next examination. Before the exam is conducted by the postgraduate exam, the candidate has to fill in the form stating the details about his qualification and then submit the examination result. For the purpose of this form the name, address, age, qualification, and other relevant documents of the candidate are to be provided. The candidate can also provide any other documents. for the examination result verification.

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