How to study for the MBA entrance exam-

Techniques of study MBA entrance exam-

 MBA is a growing profession nowadays and many students are opting for it.  As you all know MBA entrance exams are national and International level exams. There are more than 10 lac participants every year in this exam so It’s very necessary to follow a certain process.

So ,first step is

  1. Make a plan and keep a goal-It is very necessary to fix your goal yearly .that are you must know that how much syllabus and how many topics you want to cover in a particular era. This must not be restricted to a yearly,  you must have monthly, weekly, daily plans. This will help you achieve your target efficiently which means you study daily and you will be motivated towards your goal. That’s means study for long hours with concentration and Efficiency.

Second step is

Maintain consistency-the preparation of this MBA entrance exam goes for years it is required that you study consistently At every day. as you study consistently you will complete your work Daily and at the end of the year you will have particular topics covered as per your plan.

Third step is

  1. Revision- As it is a huge long study and it is a huge syllabus it is required we do revision in a particular interval of time. This helps you to grow through all the topic that was included in that particular section.
  • Adapt exam style

as every know  MBA entrance exam like CAT has a exam which is 3 hours

There are three section

  1. Verbal & Reading Comprehension (VRC)
  2. Quantitative Aptitude (Quant)
  3. Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR)

So it is very necessary that you adapt according to the Situation.The hardness level of the exam depends year to year and the hardness level of the section also depend on year to year .so it is necessary that you adopt according to CAT exam style

5-Practice previous level question

 it is very necessary  

that you go through the previous year question paper.

  • How Exam will Conduct?
  • How exams were Hard?
  • Which topic was hard?
  • Which sections were hard?

This will help for entrance exam.

Try to solve more problems on a topic. once, you finish the concept of our topic we suggest solving more and more problems from a particular topic. This will help you develop question-answer skills. That’s means in CAT exam doesn’t require concept knowledge but required solving techniques so, these techniques only can develop by solving more and more problems.

6-Practice time Efficiency daily .This exam is of three hours including three section

SectionTotal questNumber of MCQsNumber of NON-MCQ
Verbal & Reading Comprehension (VRC)  3424-277-10
Quantitative Aptitude (Quant)  3422-2410-12
Data Interpretation and logical Reasoning (DILR)  2422-248

Here there are 100 problems per paper so this is very necessary to maintain time Efficiency and this efficiency, can not produce one day it required to practice such action, that is you must study time efficiency and perform time efficiency every day of every month give an exam. as well as much we do easier for us perform the main exam

Important point to crack MBA entrance exam

  1. Revise formula Book
  2. Complete Arun Sharma pending
  3. Take topic tests &mocks
  4. Analysis Mistake, notes tricks
  5. Work on GK, hobby,reading speed

Being Alert with the timing management is necessary for the MBA entrance exam. the student is suggested to solve paper subject wise with time management

Knowing the basics of entrance exam

There are three important step —-

1-complete your syllabus.

2-practice previous year question

3-Attempt maximum Mock

For the MBA entrance exam firstly modify preparation based on comfort level. if a person is not good in any subject so people want to need extra time to these subject which is weak

                            MBA entrance Exam Required

              Lots of Study +     Lost of Time +    Lots of focus

Tips for MBA entrance exam –

Read the concept close your book ask yourself the question and try to answer it without opening that book reading your own words related back to concept back to learn back means that 20 percent read and 80 percent revised and try to come with your own example to understand and every concept.

Social media is now highly used in youths  so it is very necessary that move away such distraction and focus on study .

So , CAT  exam required lots of study ,lots of time and lots of focus and dedication .

So that’s was the some basic tips to how to study for entrance exam and crack the exam .

All the best —

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