What is the GMAT exam for MBA?

About GMAT…

GMATE test are achievement tests that measured knowledge on a particular field of Study.

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. It is organized by Graduate   Management Admission Council(GMAC). It is an international nonprofit organization. which is organized by very top institute all over the world .that is only one country which did not allow GMAT  exam which is ANTARTIKA otherwise all the country allow this exam. GMATE exam was first established in 1953 at 65 years ago. Over 600 00 graduate businesses in management schools around the world used the GMATE as per the admission process.  Near about 30,000 students appear in GMATE examinations in India every year for MBA.


It is most popular MS course in India.

GMAT is a international level exam. GMAT typically gets to type of of B-school

1-Indian B-school with executive program

2- International  B-school  with across the world.

GMATE is a one of the largest assessment program for graduate admission. GMAT is generally accepted for master. However more than 10M schools around the world also takes the test.

 GMAT is a computer adaptive as well as a computer-based test. If students want to join the best University of foreign Affairs then  GMATE is the best exam.

In the base of this exam, student can take admission in the top class university over the world. Specialy USA and UK.through GMAT,we can enter the management course in MBA, among which Harvard, Standfort , MIT, Colmbia famous universities.


No of test taker in 201840,183
feesINR 17244
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Mode of examComputer based
Exam levelInternational
Created byGraduate Management admission council(MAC)
categoryStandardized Management test
Official websitehttps://www.mba.com  
Number of attempt per year5 attempts
Score validity5 years
Score rangeMin 200- max800

Purpose of GMAT Exam…

It is to check the suitability of the student aspiring to pursue MBA or Management programs. This is totally focused on particular one purpose and more than 7000 plus programs offered by 2300 university all acquire the glob.

This test is taken to get admission into a graduate management program like MBA and Master in finance related courses in top business schools across the world.

It is the most wdly accepted MBA entrance exam for admission

Gmat is used to specifically for admission to business school.

Eligibility condition to take GMAT entrance exam.

1-Candidate have to have 18 year when candidate is applying for the exam

2-candidate Ages 13 to 17 parental approval is needed

2- candidate is in trusted to take GMATE must hold a bachelor degree in any stream.

2-there is no specific age limit

GMAT Administered at computer based test centers. it is taken in secure Testing Environment. GMAT is adaptive test that cost about $250 and takes about 3 hour to finish.

GMAT is applicable for business school.

The validity of GMAT stands at 5 years.

The composite score of GMAT range is between 200-800.

Candidate can take the Graduate management test once ever in 21days up to five time within 12 month (365 days) and score remain valid for %year.

Timing – 3 hour and 10 min break 3rd section of exam.

GMAT format

A GMATE Exam comprises of four testing section-

1-Analytical Writing Assessment (AWS)- Analyze An issue And Analyze An Argument.

2-Integrated Reasoning (IR) Section- In a IR section is designed to text analytical skill to solve a complicated problem.

3-Quantitative section- it is designer to put math skill test

4 Verbal reasoning

Section    Time limitNo of questionQuestion typeScore Range
Analytical writing Assessment30 min1Analysis of an Argument0-6
Integrated Reasoning30 min12Graphics Interpretation ,Table Analysis, Multi-source Reasoning ,Two part Analysis1-8
Quantitative section62 min31Data Sufficiency, Problem solving6-51
Verbal reasoning65min62Reading comprehension, Critical Reasoning, Sentence correction6-51

Average GMATE score for  MBA in India—

This should give an idea to Average GMATE score for top MBA program across the world

Business schoolAverage GMAT scorecountry
Indian school of Business711India
IIM-A PGPX706India
IIM-B EPGP702India
London Business school707UK
Stanford GSB733USA


The GMAT test is used the standardized test used to get admission in various graduate schools or business gradate school in various English speaking countries  specialy the united state.

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