Which Entrance exam takes admission in the USA?

TOEFL And IELST play a role in imagination 0r employment qualification in English speaking country like the UK,USA, Canada and Australia

GRE, GMAT, SAT   entrance exam takes admission in the USA. first, we will discuss SAT. SAT stands for Scholastic  Assessment  Test and also called Scholastic  Aptitude Test, it is a Standardized multiple-choice test widely used for Admission to colleges and universities in the USA. It is essential for undergraduate study and it is a compulsory exam in the USA. SAT is an Entrance exam used by most colleges and universities in the US. This test exam will only test basic skills in Reading,writing, and math

  1. Critical Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Mathematics
SAT section  No of questionMinute
Optional essay150
Evidence based writing and language3544
Math(no calculator )2520(5 Grid-in)

     High SAT scores =Significant scholarship opportunity .

SAT  is also accepted By other country  like Singapore , Australia, and UK. But those are not Mandatory ,Where USA is Mandatory exam

SAT-2021: Highlights & Key features-

SAT is taken by students which are going to the United States for undergraduate courses. It is a benchmark test that helps assess the student’s abilities.  It is a multiple-choice, pencil and paper test created and administered by the college board since 1926. SAT exam has been developed to evaluate the written, verbal and mathematical skills of the candidates

SAT Exam Pattern 2021    

 Subject Syllabus Exam  Pattern
Math 58 questionsThis section includes questions on problem-solving, data analysis, algebra, and advanced math.Duration: 80 minutes Score: 200-800
Reading 52 questionsThis section includes questions on Sentence Completion, Tests understanding of passages from the US and World Literature, History/Social Studies, and Sciences.Duration: 65 minutes Score Range: 200-800 (combined with Writing Section)
Writing and Language 44 questionsThis section includes questions on, expression of ideas and standard English conventions through passages relating to Careers, History/Social Studies, Humanities, and Sciences.Duration: 35 minutes Score Range: 200-800 (combined with Reading Section)
Essay (optional) One optional essayThis section requires students to evaluate an argument through the analysis of evidence.Duration: 50 minutes not scored
Total 154 questionsn/aDuration: 3 hours (with optional 50 minutes) Score: 1600


GRE——– The GRE is commonly known as General Record Examination. The GRE general test one of the world’s largest assessment Programs for Graduate admission. It is conducted  By Educational Testing Service also Known as ETS.GRE is Generally accepted Masters and doctorates degrees. However, More than 1200  Business schools Around the nation also Take the test.

There are two Types Rather

GRE subject test

GRE  General Test .

GRE subjective test is used for prospective  Master applicants and Its act is a common Measure for comparing  Candidate qualification. The Different subjects which GRE  Subject Test is given are Biology, chemistry, literature, Mathematics, Physics, and even psychology. GRE in Mandatory for USA university. It is also required for PHD program mainly in the USA.

THE GRE general test is a test most candidates looking the give. Most colleges of the USA required this test to do for masters. GRE scores 340 Marks which includes Verbal and Quantitative Questions, and Math. The widely of GRE is  5 years. GRE also has a subject test.



SectionNumber of SectionsNumber of questionsSub-areasTypes of questions
GRE quantitative reasoning220+20=40 questionsRatio and proportion
Profit and loss
Simple and compound interest
Speed, distance and time
Permutation & combination
Linear equations
Quadratic equations
Sets Theory
Powers and roots
Pipes, cisterns, work, time
Lines and angles
Coordinate geometry
Order of operations
Volume and surface area
Number properties
Quantitative Comparison Questions
Numeric Entry Questions
GRE verbal reasoning220+20=40 questionsReading Comprehension
Text Completion
Sentence Equivalence
GRE analytical writing assessment21+1=2 questionsAnalyzing an Issue
Analyzing an Argumen

GRE 2021: Highlights & Key features-

Test Mode: The GRE test is a computer adaptive test

Module : Verbal Ability ,Quantitative Ability and Analytics writing  ability

Conducted By: Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Popular for – Management course in the USA

Score : 340

Score Validity : 5 year

Test Fee :  Rs $ 205

Duration : 3 hrs 45 minutes

Website : www.ets.org

Candidate wants to master’s in management, master in finance any course apart of typical engineering of any kind of master GRE is accepted for these courses as well .some university may also accept for MBA program but preferably  MBA GMAT is a compulsory requirement.

GMAT——  GMAT is the most essential exam for MBA  across any good business school in the USA  of course it is compulsory. An undergraduate and graduate exam needed by almost all students who wish to study abroad. Infect, this exam is needed by USA, many universities in the Uk, Canada.GMAT stands for Graduate Management exam, which is needed for admission to all top Business schools all over the nation.

The section of GMAT exam include

  1. Verbal Ability
  2. Quantitative Reasoning
  3. Analytical writing and Integrated Reasoning section
Section    Time limitNo of questionQuestion typeScore Range
Analytical writing Assessment30 min1Analysis of an Argument0-6
Integrated Reasoning30 min12Graphics Interpretation ,Table Analysis, Multi-source Reasoning ,Two part Analysis1-8
Quantitative section62 min31Data Sufficiency, Problem solving6-51
Verbal reasoning65min62Reading comprehension, Critical Reasoning, Sentence correction6-51

GMAT-2021: Highlights & Key features-

Test Mode: The GMAT Test is Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)

Modules: Verbal Ability ,Quantitative Ability and Analysis writing Ability

Conducted By: US-Based Pearson VUE under the Direction of the Graduate  Management Admission Council (GMAC)

Popular for – Management course in the USA

Score: 800

Score Validity :5 year

Test fee:Rs $250

 Duration : 3 hrs 45 minutes

Website: www.gmac.com

SAT, GRE, GMAT are accepted by all major universities in the USA As a minimum entrance Qualification. GMAT is the most essential exam for MBA  course admissions abroad like the USA.

SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS  have managed to create some major muscle and credibility. All of These are standardized tests aimed at measuring the competency of Prospective students in various aspects.

So, SAT,GRE,GMAT,TOEFL,IELTS are the entrance exam to take admission in USA.

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