Which B Schools in Bangalore Accept GMAT Scores?

If you plan to take an MBA, you may want to know which B Schools in Bangalore accept GMAT scores. The IIMs are the most prestigious colleges for business studies, and however, not all of them get GMAT scores. Some universities in the city accept these scores, and you should check if they take yours before applying. Besides, if you have already completed your bachelor’s degree, you can also use it.

One private business school in Bangalore that offers PGDM courses is T A Pai Management Institute. The institute offers a two-year postgraduate diploma in management, and its curriculum includes core classes, electives, and research. Upon graduation, you can join the program with no work experience. It would be best if you had a minimum score of 650 on the GMAT. You must have at least 50% in your undergraduation degree to apply for this program.

The IIM Calcutta’s Postgraduate Program in Management for Executives is one of the most prestigious courses in India. The IIM does not have a minimum percentile requirement for admission but gives equal weight to your GMAT score. The average cutoff is 695-728. And, since GMAT is widely accepted, many of these B schools in Bangalore will receive your score. Fortunately, they do not have minimum GMAT cutoffs – most of them get scores between 600-800.

GSIM is another reputed private business school in Bangalore. Its two-year Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) course is a perfect fit for people interested in studying management in the city. This institute offers MBA degrees for individuals with little work experience but accepts GMAT scores. This PGDM program requires a score of 650 or higher, and you can also take an optional exam.

The list of B-schools in India that accept GMAT scores is long and diverse. The GMAT is an internationally recognized computer adaptive test that evaluates verbal, analytical, and writing skills. Most reputed business B schools in India accept GMAT scores for admissions to their management programs. A successful candidate will gain an excellent job in no time, and this will be one of the best choices you’ve made.

Various private B-schools in India accept GMAT scores. All top MBA colleges in India widely take the GMAT. The GMAT is commonly accepted in most business schools, and you don’t need to worry about your score. It’s worth noting that your GMAT score will be valid for five years, which is a considerable advantage over the CAT. You don’t need to retake the exam to get a better position in your chosen company.

The list of Indian B-schools that accept the GMAT is long and varied, but many top-rated institutions exist. These B schools in Bangalore will generally receive your GMAT scores and CAT scores and are usually considered a good choice for MBA students. In the case of a top-ranked private school, the GMAT score is the most important factor, followed by work experience and financial ability.

Several other private B-schools in the Bangalore city will accept your GMAT score. Great Lakes Institute of Management is a private school in Chennai that offers a PGDM. If you have two years of work experience or no work experience, this school will accept your GMAT score. Its admission requirements range from a score of 650 to 800, and you can choose from various courses.

IIM Calcutta’s Postgraduate Program in Management for Executives is one of the best-known courses in the country. The GMAT score is not set at any specific percentile, but the admissions committee gives equal importance to the GMAT score. Almost every quality B-school in India will accept your GMAT score. So, which B Schools in Bangalore get GMAT scores?

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