Which B Schools in Mumbai Accept GMAT Scores?

The list of B Schools in Mumbai that accepts GMAT scores is very long. But you might be wondering if the same applies to other cities as well. This article will help you figure out which B schools in Mumbai accept GMAT scores. Whether you are planning to pursue an MBA or a Masters’s degree, this information is crucial. Besides, the GMAT is a highly-regarded test for admission to business schools worldwide.

One of the top-ranked business schools in Mumbai is K J SIMSR. The two-year program runs on a trimester system and has specialization options in the second year. You can get admitted to this prestigious college based on your GMAT and CAT scores. However, the GMAT score must be within the past three years. You should also remember that many B School programs in Mumbai will not consider a GMAT score if you have not applied for them in the past year.

Another private school, MDI, has executive programs at different campuses in the city. They have the NMP program, which is 18 months long. The fee for this program is about 15 lakhs. The average placement at this school is 19+ LPA. Some of the other top B Schools in Mumbai accept GMAT scores. You can start applying to these schools by using online to each school.

The following B School in Mumbai that accepts GMAT scores is SP Jain Institute of Management and Research. It is a privately-owned B-school with campuses in Gurgaon and Chennai. It offers PGDM courses to students with or without work experience. The GMAT minimum score is 650 out of 800. The admissions process is fast and easy, and you can apply to the B-school of your choice without any hassle.

If you have your GMAT score, it will help you find the right school for your MBA degree. If you already have an MBA, you can transfer your GMAT score to the MBBS program at the institute. The MBA program will be very competitive, and the GMAT score is essential for admission. If you want to get a job in a global business, it is imperative to have a high GMAT score.

The GMAT is an international exam for entry to business schools. You can apply to the graduate programs in the US with this score. Besides the US, Canada, and Australia, you can also use them for B-schools in India. Most of the top b-schools in India accept your GMAT score, and you can apply to any of them. You can apply to all of them.

If you plan to go for a PGDM in Mumbai, you should have a GMAT score. The GMAT is an international computer adaptive examination that measures verbal, analytical, and quantitative skills. It is one of the best admissions exams for a management school in Mumbai. You must be a graduate of the top business school in your city to be considered for a PGDM program.

While CAT is the most popular test for admission to business schools, it is also the most common standardized test. The GMAT is an excellent choice if you consider applying to a PGDM program in Mumbai. You can even take the GMAT as a refresher to improve your score. But make sure you choose a college that accepts your score.

There are hundreds of Indian B-schools that accept the GMAT. But if you are looking for higher education, the GMAT score is one of the most important factors for admission. So, take a look at the list and decide which one to attend. You can also shortlist these schools based on the number of seats available in the program. These are all specialized for MBA applicants in the city.

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